The first Sunday in July of 1987, nineteen Christian believers came together in the home of Revered Leroy and Veatrice (Drue) Mitchell and formally organized the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. The name, New Hope, was indicative of the emotions the members were experiencing during that summer. Unsure of their direction, they had faith that God would guide and show them the way if they would only trust and obey. 

After meeting three weeks in the Mitchell’s living room, members met at the Judson Baptist Campus Ministry building for noon worship services, after Doctors John and Ruth Peterson had finished the worship services for Northern Illinois University students. Once the fall session began for the University, the members of New Hope moved their worship services to the University Village Recreations Center. 

In December of 1987, worship space was secured at the DeKalb Holiday Inn Banquet Room (today the Red Roof Inn). The Lord began to bless us in miraculous ways. The church membership began to grown and continued to do so. Seven months later in July 1988, a five-year lease was signed with Seventh Day Adventist Church. Auxiliary meetings and other church related activities were conducted out of the home of members or other local churches. 

In January of 1992, the congregation agreed to purchase ten acres of land on Twombly Road in DeKalb. As only God could orchestrate the closing on the ten arches of land took place in July 1992, which was the fifth anniversary of New Hope. The acres of land was completely paid for by December 1994. Immediately after the property was paid for members began to focus on fundraising efforts. Many members have been instrumental in fundraisers such as Corn and Pumpkin festivals, the Harvest Tea, Gospel workshops and banquets and numerous anniversary activities. 

In 1996, a strategic plan and capital campaign were formulated. New Hope members continued to pursue a building for the purpose of establishing a permanent sanctuary to worship and implement programs and services that advance the Christian doctrine as well as create an environment for community outreach and service. The membership had grown from 19 to 275  members with numerous guests attending each Sunday. 

April 5, 1998, a groundbreaking ceremony took place at the the site of the church home. Once again, as only God could orchestrate, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church opened its doors for worship in the new edifice on the first Sunday in July of 2000.

As New Hope entered the new millennium, members continued to seek spiritual growth for the purpose of serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The members will continue to strive to develop and encourage Christian education and outreach throughout the community. We have learned through our tests and trials that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. The new church is a testament to God’s mercy and grace towards us, how he can take a little and make much. Further, how when his people humble themselves, pray and seek his face their faith is rewarded exceedingly and abundantly more than they can ever ask, think or believe. 

The Deconate Ministry has been blessed with nine ordained deacons: Derrick Smith, John Hopkins, Thomas Spillman (late), Darlene Webb, Brazilian Thurman, Ron Carter, Carmela Williams, Gelndon Hayes and Lametra Curry-Chatman. Eight associate ministers have been ordained: Larry Pringle, Alicia Crooks, Linda Carter, Thomas Spillman (late), Jerry Wright, G. Joseph Mitchell, Richard Baker and Anthony Chatman. 

George Joseph Mitchell became the Co-Pastor at New Hope on January 1, 2009.

In 2010, New Hope was blessed when our mortgage interest rate fell from 7.4% to 3.7%. We decided to seize this moment and embark on a Capital Campaign to raise $250,000 to pay down the principal balance. This marks the precursors of our second building phase to build the Derrick Smith Family Life Center. This facility would include a gym, additional classroom space, larger kitchen, and food pantry.

Rev. Dr. Leroy Mitchell is the founding pastor of New Hope. After 30 years of humble faithful service, Dr. Mitchell retired on July 2, 2017. To honor his leadership, loyalty, and love Dr. Mitchell was named Pastor Emeritus. Rev. Dr. G. Joseph Mitchell transitioned from Co-Pastor to Senior Pastor.